4 Things You Should Know About SR-22 Auto Insurance

From speeding tickets and parking fines to accidents and DUI, a lot of things can go wrong when you drive. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of drivers make mistakes, and that’s why the SR-22 insurance exists — to help you get back behind the wheels after a slip-up.

An SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance document you need in order for the state judge to reinstate your driving privileges after certain offenses. In other words, it’s a proof of financial responsibility showing that you have sufficient liability coverage.

Filing for an SR-22 can be a daunting journey through administrative hoops. Before you begin looking for an insurer, here are a few important facts about SR-22 you should know.


1. A lot of things can land you with an SR-22 requirement.

The state judge will most likely order you to get an SR-22 if you couldn’t show financial responsibility after an accident or a driving offense conviction.

Here are some on-the-road violations that can lead to an SR-22 requirement:

  • You caused an accident without insurance
  • You were carrying a revoked or suspended license
  • You were convicted of serious moving violations including DUI or DWI
  • You accumulated recurring citations for speeding or illegal parking


2. Don’t try to file it yourself.

Now that the state judge ordered you to submit get an SR-22 form after your violation, what’s the next step? Well, you can’t file it yourself. Ask your auto insurance company to file the form with your state’s DMV.

It’s important to note that not all insurers can file your SR-22. Only the ones that are filed with the state can complete your process. Make sure to call up your insurer to verify the company is authorized to submit your document for you.

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3. SR-22 by itself isn’t too expensive.

Since an SR-22 is a vehicle liability insurance for high-risk insurance policies after a severe offense, you might think it will burn a whole in your wallet.

In a way, it’s a valid concern — after a major infraction, your current insurance provider may drop you because of increased risk. And because insurance companies will regard the need for an SR-22 as an increased risk factor, you will probably have to choose a much higher premium rate.

So how much does an SR-22 insurance cost? The good news is, it’s not that expensive. Although it differs from state to state, the SR-22 filing fee costs usually around $15 to $25.

Keep in mind that you first need to have a car insurance policy before filing an SR-22. To minimize insurance expenses, make sure to hire a criminal lawyer with a focus on severe driving offenses.


4. You don’t need an SR-22 forever.

So how long should you keep your SR-22 on file?

Although it varies by state, most states require drivers to carry SR-22 for three years. Coincidentally, that’s usually how long it takes to clear your driving record. So if you didn’t make any more infractions after your initial violation, your record should be clean by then.

As long as your insurance policy is active, your SR-22 should stay valid. But be careful — if your insurance lapses or cancels, your license will be suspended because your insurer is obligated to notify the DMV.

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