What To Do After You Buy A Car

Buying a first car is a huge accomplishment for many people. It takes a lot of time, research, and money to make that final purchase. However, the job is not finished once the car is purchased, there are a couple things one must do after buying the car. Registration, maintenance, insurance, and SR-22 insurance Illinois are all important parts of the car buying process.


Registration is extremely important, as you cannot drive your car on the road without getting it registered. If you purchased your car from a dealership they will often set-up a temporary registration that expires in 30 days. If you bought from a private seller you will need to visit the DMV to get your car registered before you start driving it.

Maintenance and Repairs

This step of the buying process is usually only applicable to used cars. Check out the owner’s manual to see when routine maintenance tasks are to be performed on your car. If you car is due for a tune-up, take it in. It’s also always a good idea to take your new-used car in for a general maintenance check-up before you start driving it regularly. You want to make certain that you are driving a vehicle that is safe and reliable.


The law requires basic auto insurance so it’s very important to get insurance for your car before driving. Auto insurance covers you in event of a crash or some kind of damage to you or another person and their vehicle. If you also need SR-22 insurance Illinois make sure to get that right away. SR-22 insurance is a certification required by court that verifies you have coverage. If you have been ordered by a court to carry this certification it is very important that you do so.

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Source: DMV