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Indiana SR-50 Affidavit

What is an SR-50 Affidavit?

First, it is important to understand that SR-50 is not a type of insurance policy. It is a certificate of compliance issued by an insurance carrier that is used to validate a driver’s compliance with Indiana’s financial responsibility laws. The Insurance carrier issues this certificate – which includes the driver’s license number and the name of the insured party as well as the effective and expiration dates of the policy – directly to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

Like the SR-22, the SR-50 is used to verify coverage. However, an SR-22 is used to verify coverage for a specific time period, whereas an SR-50 is used to verify coverage on a specific date.

When Do I Need an SR-50?

The only time an Indiana driver needs an SR-50 is when the state of Indiana issues a notification requesting the affidavit. This is mostly done when the state has received notification of possible noncompliance – which often occurs after failing to provide proof of insurance at the time of a vehicular accident or a traffic violation. However, the state does perform random verification requests as well.


Depending on the circumstances, it is possible for the state of Indiana to demand both an SR-22 and an SR-50 from a driver. The failure to provide either or both of these can result in the suspension or revocation of driving privileges. If you are convicted of a violation, and you are uninsured at the time, you will likely have your driver’s license and registration suspended for one year and be subject to a fee of up to $300. An SR-50 affidavit will be required by the Indiana BMV to reinstate your license at the end of the suspension.

The easiest way to avoid losing your driving privileges, if you live in Indiana, is to maintain the minimum insurance coverage required to comply with Indiana’s laws. That means, as a licensed driver, you must maintain bodily injury, property damage liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorist liability coverage of at least $25,000 per person/ $50,000 per accident and $10,000 for property damage.

Getting an SR-50

At Save-A-Lot Insurance, if you are insured with us, simply contact a customer representative and we will assist you in making sure the necessary SR-50 form is received by the Indiana BMV. If you are not insured with us, or worse yet, you are uninsured, reach out to us today and avoid future legal and financial headaches.

If you own a vehicle, and you live in Indiana, our dedicated agents will be happy to provide you with affordable car insurance quotes. Peoria is where we live, but we strive to provide our Indiana neighbors with some of the best and most affordable insurance available. Give us a call at (309)-589-1000 today!