Buying Auto Insurance for Seniors

While we may think of older drivers as being in the way on the road, the fact is that as a group they are at much lower risk for a major accident than the rest of us. Seniors typically drive lower speeds, and those who are retired do not even drive every day. Seniors do not often drive themselves on long road trips, and they are also likely to avoid highways. All of this low speed driving and staying off the road most days makes for much less exposure to any chance of being involved in an accident. While there are some very real concerns about seniors’ safety behind the wheel – aging can slow reflexes and impair vision – seniors with clean driving records deserve the same auto coverage as a younger driver.

Finding auto insurance discounts is important for seniors on a fixed income, and fortunately there are many discounts that they can take advantage of. A senior’s clean driving record will get them started with a good driver discount, and their older vehicle often needs less coverage than a new car would require. Depending on how vital the car is to their daily routine, they could even remove collision coverage at this point, keeping liability insurance only (keeping in mind that if the car were damaged, insurance would not pay to repair it). This would make their insurance payments much lower. Some insurance companies also offer discounts if a senior driver takes a “refresher” driving instruction course, or if a senior has an AARP membership. Finally, be sure to ask the insurance agent about any other discounts that may apply.

For those of us who use the internet to find the best rates on everything from car insurance to hotels, we know how easy it makes finding discounts. If you know a senior who needs car insurance, or who may be paying too much for car insurance, see that they shop online before making a final decision on a new policy. An elderly person may be paying high premiums just because they can’t conceive of buying insurance from anyone but the same insurance company they have used for decades. But that insurance company may no longer meet their needs. Just like seniors deserve the same coverage as younger drivers, they also deserve to benefit from the savings that are out there. They just may not know how to find the discounts on their own.

This information is courtesy of SaveALot Auto Insurance, providing discount auto insurance for drivers young and old.